Pray With Me serves hundreds of thousands of users around the world bringing them prayer, love and support whenever they need it most.

Where is humanity in today’s online world? Where are those interactions that make us so perfectly imperfect human? Where is the kindness, support and vulnerability? Where is faith, hope, love, sadness and fear? Where are the things that matter that make us who we are?

These are questions we asked when creating Pray With Me. We wanted to create a shared space where people could join together in prayer, encouragement, and support for one another and the world around them. We dreamt of a community where everyone is welcome and accepted, free to explore their faith and spirituality without fear of retribution -- a safe place where people could give and receive help. That dream has now become reality as Pray With Me embraces users from over 200 countries, and receives millions of prayers. When we watch this unfold on the Pray With Me feed, it gives me hope for a better tomorrow.

If this sounds like a vision you can get behind, then join us, the Pray With Me family, as we strive to create the most loving, faithful and supportive community on the web. Together we can make the world a better place!

The Team at Pray With Me